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Friday: Stalemate of the Boozefox at Mass Gallery April 13, 2007

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Installation by Jules Buck Jones, Drew Liverman, and Scott Eastwood

Opens Friday, April 13 at 10pm
Mass Gallery
916 Springdale Rd (inside the blue theater, by the blue genie and blue hanger)

“This exhibition will be the first and last dramatic reconstruction of the eternal stalemate between the nefarious Boozefox and the U.N.N. Sans Lucas. Despite the tireless attempts by critics, prophets, poets, and historians to adequately depict this seemingly endless struggle for the hearts and minds of Planet Earth’s inhabitants, a sufficient account has yet to materialize. In 1987, out of desperation, the BFIC proposed a fully functional, to scale model of the event in order to provide a very literal window into the conflict. Now, 20 years later, thanks to a generous grant from the LLAP and FUB Foundations, this dream is finally a reality.”

These guys are friends of mine from Richmond, VA. I have been waiting for this for months.


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