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Thursday: Living Life August 16, 2007

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I was just driving down the street, and on the back of a Jeep I saw “Life is good”. ‘Tis true. Last night was a great night. Beverly came over to watch cable at my house, but it wasn’t set up yet so we pondered the possibilities of shitty T.V. in my near future. Flavor of love is a good possibility, as well as Rock of Love. After Beverly left, my roommate Kim and I went to check out a new food truck/organization called DaVine Foods in the enchanted forest at Lamar and Oltorf. Last night was the grand opening night; they had food and organic beer. We came too late to enjoy the food, but we did catch some fire dancers. I ❤ vegan & vegetarian food, so I can't wait to go back. Here is the website: After DaVine Foods I went to pick up a couple friends to go to Barfly’s. I stopped at my friend Ben’s new place, which was inspiring to see Ben’s nesting skills. Ben has the best room I have ever seen. Built-in bookshelves filled with read books, an old typewriter on matching furniture his parents bought him in high school, rugs, a couch, hanging lanterns, neutral colors; everything needed to live in a space.

Tonight I might have to work on my own nesting skills. There is a fun-filled weekend coming up, so I am probably going to stay in to save my energy for dancing all Friday night long at the Waxploitation party at the Victory Grill.

There are always other options for tonight:

-Show at Carousel Lounge with Hope Irish, David Israel, and Julian Decided
1110 E 52nd St, Austin, TX
– Whiskey Bar fun including dancing and drinks for $1, and A Few Nice Things & Learning Secrets, Ben Craven & Co
-Public Tour: Modern Art, Modern Women at the Blanton Museum. Tour from 7-8 p.m. (the Blanton is free on Thursdays)


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