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Hello world: the beginning of GladeMade February 9, 2009

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My name is Glade, and I am starting this blog to chronicle my small business adventure.  I have been working on turning my hobbies into a real business.  My hobbies include creating art out of fabric, cut-paper art, and cut-paper greeting card designs. 

I have always loved art and crafts, but started making my business by doing local diy craft bazaars in Richmond, VA.  I moved to Richmond right after college; right in time for an amazing productive punk rock diy Renaissance.  A friend, Anna, was the driving force behind the Bazaar Market right in the street outside Chop Suey (a local bookstore), and she got me involved.  At the time I was making hand-bound journals with screen-printed pages and some screen-printed t-shirts. 

While I was in Richmond I made a piece of art out of scraps of fabric left over from some dresses I made in college.  Once I moved to Austin, TX in July of 2005 I really got into making a bunch of fabric art.   I made fast friends with Yvonne at The Stash, a South Austin shop that sold local diy stuff on consignment.  I sold pieces every month and co-curated an art show titled “Child’s Play”, but still nothing more than a hobby. 

In 2007 I had a big year by participating in an art show called “Chirp”, which Travis Nichols ( curated, and participating in the Blue Genie Art Bazaar ( 

2009 is the year to get serious, learn the business side, and hopefully make my hobby into a career.    Please check out the website that Mark Hensel, my rad boyfriend helped me create:


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