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Biznazty: A *small* small business club March 13, 2009

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One thing that has kept me motivated for the past two months has been starting a club for my small business friends, called Biznazty,  to get together and productively talk about issues we are facing.  We are all at the very beginning stage of starting a business.  We are meeting once a month currently.  The first meeting was in February, and we talked a lot about Etsy.  The second meeting was focusing on Press Releases. 

I will attempt to post a few good lessons from each meeting as they happen.


Get a financial adviser at your bank!  Your bank should have a small business adviser to help you and give you tips.  If  you can’t find this service at your bank, you should probably find a bank that has this service.


A member of the group Cathy, with Sacred Soil (organic gardening), went to a *free* press release class at Big Austin.  They have 2-3 free workshops a week.  This is an incredible resource.


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