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Finally working on art! April 24, 2009

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It’s finally Friday, and I am excited about having a weekend to work in the studio!  I thought I was going to busy all day Saturday at the Austin Handmade market, but since it was postponed (to next weekend) that means I have the entire weekend to get creative.

I have been working for the past few months on greeting cards, with little time for making art.  I am participating in the fiveXseven show coming up in May at Arthouse, so I have been playing around with some ideas for those.  Last night I was able to complete the first three and start on the last one.  I had lightning bolts of ideas coming out of me.

I went to college (Virginia Tech) for psychology, so I do not have a formal art background.  I only took 2 art classes in college, so I have barely any critique experience.  I asked my boyfriend, Mark, for some feedback on what I was working on.  It is  hard not to take critiques  personally.  Isn’t everything I make just perfect as it is?  Once I got over my ego, Mark’s critique really pushed me to go a better direction.  I will post the finished product after that show opens on May 15th.

May 15th

Tickets for the opening are $125


One Response to “Finally working on art!”

  1. Alex Whitworth Says:

    Have you posted pics of these new pieces? I want to see! Progress!

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