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June Goals June 1, 2009

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Before I list my June Goals, let’s take a look to see if I met my goals for May:

May Goals:

1. Design a wedding congratulations card (Congratulations Jenny and Siet!)

I have designed a wedding congratulations card, and plan to post the card later this week (possibly tomorrow!)

2. Design another Father’s Day card (this one will be for my dad)

Wolf Father's Day Card

Wolf Father's Day Card

Check!  Added my new wolf Father’s Day card design to my shop yesterday.

3.  Finish unfinished art

I completed four 5x7s, i didn’t exactly finish ALL unfinished art I have, but I decided I still get to cross this off the list.

4. Complete text and links for glademade 2.o (Thanks Mark!)

Not only are the text and links completed for 2.0, my new site is fully launched!  Check it out!

5. Bring card designs to Parts and Labour (South Congress, Austin)

I did not do this, so it is moving to my June goals.  Unfortunately my truck has been broken down for most of May, so I didn’t get to do much away from my house this month.

6. Clean and organize studio (I will post a before and after photo)

This continues to be a work in progress.  I will try to post the before pictures this week!

June Goals:

1. Clean and organize studio and post before and after photos.

2. Bring card designs to Parts and Labour (South Congress, Austin)

3. Update out-of-date flickr photos, and upload new card(father’s day and wedding congratulations) photos to flickr.

4. Work on a 10 card pack.  Mix and Match or greeting cards for each occasion throughout the year.

5. Start research for business plan, and create a time line for writing business plan (time line to start this month).

6. Take a trip to Dallas to research Dallas Market Center.  Investigate whether I want to “go to market”.  Anyone want to go to Dallas with me?


6 Responses to “June Goals”

  1. amanda devane Says:

    Hi Glade!
    I have noticed that Design Sponge has seemingly great advice for folks writing business plans and crafters who own their own business in general. You should search their previous blog posts.

  2. Deb Says:

    Hi, good luck for your june goals too!
    (p.s. I really like your I<3U octopus cards at your etsy store)

  3. Liz Says:

    Thanks for the positive, go get ’em comment! You’ve got a great list for June. This process has been so awesome, each month I have been grandiose with goals, and each month after I have honed them down even more… I am calling it The Essentials List now…

  4. Your wolf Father’s Day card is neat! You did a fantastic job in May–best of luck in June!

  5. glitterysah Says:

    Good luck for your June goals! Looking forward to seeing those before and after photos!

    Glitterysah x

  6. Just dropping by from the Modish goals list. Good luck for June!

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