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Revisiting my June Goals July 2, 2009

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Did I accomplish what I meant to this month?  Let’s take a look:

June Goals:

1. Clean and organize studio and post before and after photos.

This is always in flux.  Still need to post photos!!!

2. Bring card designs to Parts and Labour (South Congress, Austin)

I brought my cards to Parts and Labour yesterday!  Hooray!

3. Update out-of-date flickr photos, and upload new card(father’s day and wedding congratulations) photos to flickr.

Done!  My flickr is almost up to date.  I still need to add photos of my new “Thank You, Darling” postcards.

4. Work on a 10 card pack.  Mix and Match or greeting cards for each occasion throughout the year.

You can mix and match 10 Glademade cards here.  I also added a mix and match 3-pack here.

5. Start research for business plan, and create a time line for writing business plan (time line to start this month).

This is not done.  Still on my agenda!

6. Take a trip to Dallas to research Dallas Market Center.  Investigate whether I want to “go to market”.  Anyone want to go to Dallas with me?

I’m not really sure of the feasibility of this one.  As it turns out, you either have to have a booth at the market, or you have to be a buyer.  I found a loop-hole though:  interior designers can bring up to 3 clients.  I’ll be working on becoming a client in the future.


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