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Natural Handmade Soap July 9, 2009

Nag Champa Bar Soap

Nag Champa Bar Soap

Orange Patchouli Liquid Soap

Orange Patchouli Liquid Soap

South Austin People aka So.A.P. make really great liquid soap, bar soap, lotions, and all sorts of other natural products.  I don’t consider myself a hippie, but I love smelling like nag champa.  It looks like you can buy their stuff online, or at loads of stores around town.   I’ve seen them at Parts and Labour, Hyde Park Market, Pitchforks and Tablespoons, the Farmer’s Market, and I know they have them at other stores also.

I love their slogan “Strong Enough for a Dirty Hippie,
but Weak Enough for a Dirty CEO.”

Next I’m gonna buy the handsoap refill for $24:

Half-Gallon Refill size

Half-Gallon Refill size


One Response to “Natural Handmade Soap”

  1. I totally agree, handmade soap is so much better for you than store bought. Thats why we at Earths Essential make quality handmade soap by using high quality oils in every batch. Not only is handmade soap good for the skin but because there is no waste it is also good for the environment. We also use essential oils for there aromatherapy and skin care properties. I believe that by using handmade soap we not only help ourselves but the world we live in.

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