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Chipped and Cracked August 24, 2009

Chipped and Cracked is a sweet new etsy shop opened by my friend, Haleh Pedram.  Haleh has a talent for finding the most interesting and unique items for her home.  Occasionally her home starts to overflow, and she needs to sell off all of her awesome stuff.

Old Hag Hand Puppet

Old Hag Hand Puppet

Cute Vintage Red Loafers

Cute Vintage Red Loafers

I had a few questions for Haleh, so here goes:

Glade: Where do you find your vintage goods?

Haleh: There are a few thrift stores that I go to in Austin, thrift store shopping is an addiction of mine.  I try to not to go very often because I’m constantly struggling with the amount of stuff that I have, but it’s something that I really enjoy.  The thrift stores I go to are not secret, I think most people know about them, but I just don’t want to name them 🙂 okay?

Glade: Ha, okay, I won’t make you divulge your secrets.  What do you look for when you make a purchase?

Haleh: I’m never looking for anything in particular, and if I am, I generally can’t find it.  I’m drawn to items that I find weird, funny, or interesting.  My purchases are generally superficial, if I like how something looks, I want to bring it home.  I often buy things that I don’t want because I feel like they might end up in the wrong hands.  Then I give them away or they just sit under a pile of stuff.

Glade: Do you have any good stories about any of the items you have for sale right now?

Haleh: ummm….not really.  i bought most of the puppets at a goodwill auction.  it was my first goodwill auction and my heart was beating really fast because i thought i would have to fight someone for it.

Texas Charm Bracelet

Texas Charm Bracelet

Thanks Haleh, good luck with your shop!


One Response to “Chipped and Cracked”

  1. Haleh Says:

    Thanks Glade!

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