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Crazy Nails! September 14, 2009

Have any of my blog readers ever had fake acrylic nails?  Do they ruin your real nails?  I’ve never done it before, but I just saw these ridiculous nails on the internet, and…well, just look at them.

Smiley and Stars

Smiley and Stars

Gems and Bows

Gems and Bows

Dripping Chocolate

Dripping Chocolate

They are from Kawaii Nails.


3 Responses to “Crazy Nails!”

  1. Nail-Class Says:

    Hi there, I think this nail art is quite cute but not really suitable for everyday wear! 🙂 Your question about does wearing fake acrylic nails ruin your real nails, is no. The actual wearing of acrylic on your nails doesn’t ruin them, it’s improper application and removal that ruins them as some Technicians like to ‘rough up the nail plate’ on your natural nails, when all they need is a light buff to remove the shine (if they are using a quality system). No Tech should ever use an electric file on the natural nail either. If you see this being practised at a nail salon/bar, then run away quickly! I am a Nail Technician qualified with Creative Nail Design and I do wear acrylic nails. I find when I remove them, my nails feel weak and bendy, but this is just because I have been used to wearing hard acrylic. It takes a couple of days to get used to my natural nails again but I use plenty of Solar Oil and this nourishes the nails whether I am wearing my own or acrylic nails. Hope this explains thngs? x

    • salon29 Says:

      An electric file AKA e-file CAN be used on the natural nails IF the nailtech is qualified and trained properly. If you patronize a shop that uses a sanding band on the natural nail and is causing rings of fire, THAT is your cue to RUN out of the place. You will get what you pay for.
      I use an electric file on my enhancement clients and have NEVER hurt or caused rings of fire on them.
      I use Entity and Young Nails acrylic and OPI and other soak off gels for natural nails.
      Clients need to be educated by educated techs. My clients are not afraid of my e-file as I am very gentle and very qualified in this area.
      buenos dias,

  2. Alison Says:

    Siiick. I think they probably do mess up your real nails because the glue that’s used to attach them is very strong. I’ve heard horror stories about acrylic nails getting ripped off at the quick. Gems and bows are amazing though…

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