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Tuesday Finds September 6, 2011

Do What You Love/Love What You Do Prints

Do What You Love/Love What You Do Prints

Eco Friendly Screenprinted Bag

Eco Friendly Screenprinted Bag

Nude T-strap Heels

Nude T-strap Heels

Salvaged Metal and Leather Earrings

Salvaged Metal and Leather Earrings


Saturday: New Work by Dylan Reece @ Mass October 16, 2009

Funky Junction Oracle: New Work by Dylan Reece

Funky Junction Oracle: New Work by Dylan Reece

“On view from October 17th to November 7th, Funky Junction Oracles employs a variety of media — prints, photography, painting, animated GIFs, and sculpture — to illustrate Reece’s attempt to fix meaning in a world characterized by ever increasing flows of information and rapid change in the complexity of social systems. Drawing from a range of sources that include the pop-metaphysics of the ’70s, the classical art of Greece and Rome, the internet, vintage nature books, rave culture, and Modernism in art, the imagery for much of the work is unified by an underlying sense of idealism and progress gone awry.”

Here are some of Dylan’s previous works:

Dylan Reece 2008

Dylan Reece 2008

Beyond the Palaestra: 2127 Collaborative Installation by Dylan Reece and Ben Aqua

Beyond the Palaestra: 2127 Collaborative Installation by Dylan Reece and Ben Aqua


Thursday: Sanctuary’s One Year Anniversary July 23, 2009


Austin has such wonderful locally-owned gift shops that sell local handmade goods.  Sanctuary is one of those boutiques, and they just won “Best Decor Boutique” and “Best Gifts” at the Austin Fashion Awards.  I’ve been looking forward to their one-year anniversary party, and it is tonight!  Local design team Studio 3 will be doing live screen printing.  You will also find some Etsy Austin goods at Sanctuary!



Tuesday: Team Etsy Austin Meeting June 9, 2009

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Tonight I am finally getting around to going to a Team Etsy Austin meeting. I have only met a couple people from the team, so I’m pretty excited.

You can see their blog here:
You can see their goods here:


Tuesday: Josh Small and Tim Barry at Emo’s lounge September 25, 2007

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Austin <3s Richmond, and Richmond is coming to Austin. Anyone ever heard of a little band called Avail? Tim Barry from Avail is playing solo tonight in the Emo’s lounge. I am a huge fan of Josh Small, who appears to be touring with Tim Barry.

See you at Emo’s Lounge.


Thursday: The Sea and Cake @ The Parish September 20, 2007

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This is the night I have been waiting for since I was first introduced to the Sea and Cake when I was 17 years old. I have a passionate love affair with this band. Last year singer Sam Prekop opened for Stereolab at La Zona Rosa, and it was a disaster. The sound was terrible. I asked the sound man there if there wasn’t something he could do, and he told me the sound was set up for Stereolab. Dang.

I love tonight, and I’m not even there yet.



Tuesday: Sergio’s Last Night in Town September 18, 2007

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Everyone come and celebrate one of my favorite humans: Sergio. He is moving to San Francisco tomorrow. His last bash will be tonight from 7-9 p.m. at the Side Bar on 7th and Red River. Goodbye Sergio!


Thursday: Living Life August 16, 2007

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I was just driving down the street, and on the back of a Jeep I saw “Life is good”. ‘Tis true. Last night was a great night. Beverly came over to watch cable at my house, but it wasn’t set up yet so we pondered the possibilities of shitty T.V. in my near future. Flavor of love is a good possibility, as well as Rock of Love. After Beverly left, my roommate Kim and I went to check out a new food truck/organization called DaVine Foods in the enchanted forest at Lamar and Oltorf. Last night was the grand opening night; they had food and organic beer. We came too late to enjoy the food, but we did catch some fire dancers. I ❤ vegan & vegetarian food, so I can't wait to go back. Here is the website: After DaVine Foods I went to pick up a couple friends to go to Barfly’s. I stopped at my friend Ben’s new place, which was inspiring to see Ben’s nesting skills. Ben has the best room I have ever seen. Built-in bookshelves filled with read books, an old typewriter on matching furniture his parents bought him in high school, rugs, a couch, hanging lanterns, neutral colors; everything needed to live in a space.

Tonight I might have to work on my own nesting skills. There is a fun-filled weekend coming up, so I am probably going to stay in to save my energy for dancing all Friday night long at the Waxploitation party at the Victory Grill.

There are always other options for tonight:

-Show at Carousel Lounge with Hope Irish, David Israel, and Julian Decided
1110 E 52nd St, Austin, TX
– Whiskey Bar fun including dancing and drinks for $1, and A Few Nice Things & Learning Secrets, Ben Craven & Co
-Public Tour: Modern Art, Modern Women at the Blanton Museum. Tour from 7-8 p.m. (the Blanton is free on Thursdays)


Thursday: The Carrots at Mohawk July 26, 2007

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The Carrots happen to be one of the best bands in Austin. The are playing tonight at the Mohawk. I am exhausted from too many nights out on the town, but if I do go out this is where I will be. Have fun!

Mohawk: 10th and Red River


Wednesday: San Jose Movie at Salvage Vanguard Theater July 25, 2007

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Tonight at 7:30 Last Days of the San Jose is playing at the Salvage Vanguard Theater. The film is created by the woman who owns Hotel San Jose, and she documented what South Congress was like before the upscale transformation. I am all about seeing what Austin was like before my time. Apparently you could rent a room there for about $20 a night. How things have changed.

Also tonight:
– Side Bar Third Birthday Party!!!
– Free salsa dancing at speakeasy