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Pure Positivity: Michelle Devereux October 5, 2009

Turn Your Life Right Side Up

Turn Your Life Right Side Up

Michelle Devereux’s Turn Your Life Right Side Up is pretty amazing.  This girl is my new favorite artist, and she lives right here in Austin.  To celebrate her new book/dvd there was an awesome performance and screening this weekend.  If you missed it don’t worry, you can buy the book from Monofonus Press.

Here’s what they have to say about the book:
“Do you need Help? For your Self? You’re in luck! Art Healer Michelle Devereux has just what the doctor would order… if you had health insurance and could go to one.
Turn This Book Right Side Up: An Interactive Guide to Self-Improvement gives new meaning to “this book will save your life.” She might even have called it that if it weren’t already taken.Part art book, part workbook, part comedy book, all fu-un! Turn This Book Right Side Up: An Interactive Guide to Self-Improvement has everything you need to turn over a new leaf. Or masturbate in front of a mirror.
A new take on the IF Series, which usually brings together writing, visual art, and music, IF08 replaces the music with some video art – in this instance, a Self Help Read Along DVD, complete with a wizard guide and a workout segment.
What else could you possibly need to make your Life Better? How about a party!?! Featuring the manifestations and positive vibes of fellow gurus, the artists Elana Farley, David Israel, Amanda Joy,Max Juren, Drew Liverman, Duncan Malashock (who made the fabulous poster below), Carlos Rosales-Silva, Christina Simon, and more!”

Check out more of Michelle’s work in this video:


Michelle Devereux's Video Bio