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oOOooh OctOpus Card January 7, 2010

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I am feeling productive so far this year.  My New Year’s resolution to design one card each week is coming along swimmingly.  My second card is my most popular fabric art design, so I have decided to turn it into a greeting card.

Octopus Love(rs)

Octopus Love(rs)

For a chance to win this card, please comment below, and I will be choosing the winner next week when I post my next card design and giveaway. Remember to check back each week, because for every card I design in 2010 I will be doing a giveaway.

Congratulations to #6 Jeska for winning this giveaway!

Congratulations to #10 commenter veebhu for winning last week’s giveaway.


My New Year’s Resolution December 31, 2009

I hope you all have a perfect 10…2010 that is!

2009 is coming to an end, and I am looking toward the future.  My goal for 2010 is simple: one new card design per week.  If all goes as planned by the end of 2010, I will have 52 new Glademade designs.  I will be posting each new card design here, and I will be giving away one card for each new design.

Design #1:

It's 2010...just checking in!

It's 2010...just checking in! Available at my etsy shop.

If you would like to win one of these cards, just leave a comment, and I will select one winner at random before the next giveaway.


Update:  This giveaway is over, and #10 commenter, veebhu, is the winner.  Congratulations!


East Austin Studio Tour: Boongoo Studio November 12, 2009

East Austin Studio Tour 2009

The East Austin Studio Tour is starting this Saturday and I am excited.  Mark and I are also having three guest artists: Alison Kuo, Aaron Flynn and Beverly Anderson.  Come check out our studio and our new work.  We are number #125 on the official map.

“Boongoo Studio is the shared studio of Glade Whitworth and Mark P. Hensel. Although the two don’t collaborate, they help each other by sharing their respective skillsets and bouncing ideas off of each other. Whitworth is a fiber artist who designs greeting carts and creates applique wall hangings.  She strives to keep her art playful, fun, and festive. Hensel is an artist, writer, and web designer who is interested in the edges of art and technology. He works in many media, including comics, animation, and installation.”

Our studio will be open the next two weekends, Nov. 14th and 15th and Nov. 21st and 22nd.  If you are in the Austin area you are welcome to come by!



Happy Halloween (almost) October 21, 2009

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I finally got my Halloween card up on my etsy shop!  I’m selling it for only $4 since it’s almost Halloween!

Ghost Halloween Greeting Card - Boo!

Ghost Halloween Greeting Card - Boo!


October Goal Meet-Up October 1, 2009

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September was officially moving month, so last month most of my goals were moving-related.

September Goals

1.  Work more with gouache; more holiday card designs and more small paintings.  This is a continuing goal.

2. Go through all my stuff to see what I can get rid of. It had to be done.

3. Pack EVERYTHING. This also had to be done.

4. Move everything in to the new place, and get everything put away…by the end of the month (Move in is Sept. 19th by the way). I haven’t got everything put away yet, especially in the studio, but I’ve done a LOT so far.  Pictures are on their way.

October Goals

1.  Finish setting up the studio and get pictures posted next 2 weeks.

2. Serious art time.  Time to get down to business!

3. Finish a supply of all greeting cards, at least 25 of each card.

4. Get photos of new stuff done and uploaded.


Hello Friend Stationary August 31, 2009

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I’m really excited about the stationary I made last week.  Send handwritten letters to you friends with this hand-drawn stationary.  Check it out:





Revisiting my June Goals July 2, 2009

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Did I accomplish what I meant to this month?  Let’s take a look:

June Goals:

1. Clean and organize studio and post before and after photos.

This is always in flux.  Still need to post photos!!!

2. Bring card designs to Parts and Labour (South Congress, Austin)

I brought my cards to Parts and Labour yesterday!  Hooray!

3. Update out-of-date flickr photos, and upload new card(father’s day and wedding congratulations) photos to flickr.

Done!  My flickr is almost up to date.  I still need to add photos of my new “Thank You, Darling” postcards.

4. Work on a 10 card pack.  Mix and Match or greeting cards for each occasion throughout the year.

You can mix and match 10 Glademade cards here.  I also added a mix and match 3-pack here.

5. Start research for business plan, and create a time line for writing business plan (time line to start this month).

This is not done.  Still on my agenda!

6. Take a trip to Dallas to research Dallas Market Center.  Investigate whether I want to “go to market”.  Anyone want to go to Dallas with me?

I’m not really sure of the feasibility of this one.  As it turns out, you either have to have a booth at the market, or you have to be a buyer.  I found a loop-hole though:  interior designers can bring up to 3 clients.  I’ll be working on becoming a client in the future.


Summer Party Invitations! June 29, 2009

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good pool party, barbecue, or total rager in the summertime?  I certainly do.  That’s why I made these party invitations.

Check them out, and let me know what you think!





Handmade Jewelry for the Sunshine! June 9, 2009

Tuesday Finds:

Reversible Bike/Cherries Pendant

Reversible Bike/Cherries Pendant

Acorn Studs

Acorn Studs

Walnut Dream Catcher Necklace

Walnut Dream Catcher Necklace

Sunshine and Clouds Rings

Sunshine and Clouds Rings

Bonita Earrings

Bonita Earrings

Gentleman Shirt Bangle

Gentleman Shirt Bangle